Lecture 3--cell signaling

2003 rewiring map kinase pathways using alternative

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Unformatted text preview: ssembly mechanisms. Science 299(5609):1061-4. Nadal et al. (2004).The MAPK Hog1 recruits Rpd3 histone deacetylase to activate osmoresponsive genes Nature 427, 370-374. RNA interference: A technique for knocking down gene function RNA interference exploits native cellular machinery to causes degradation or silencing of specific transcripts Some examples of techniques for studying signal transduction --What proteins participate in a signal transduction pathway? --Do two proteins physically interact in the presence/absence of signal? Co-immunoprecipitation --Does a signal change the localization of components in the signal transduction pathway. --Does a signal lead to covalent modification of a protein? --Does the signal alter transcription and, if so, what transcripts? Testing for interactions by immunoprecipitation Co-localization and Co-IP show that proteins interact The PAF1 complex differentially regulates cardiomyocyte specification. Langenbacher AD, Nguyen CT, Cavanaugh AM, Huang J, Lu F, Chen JN. Dev Bi...
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