Lecture 3--cell signaling

Gpcr in wors for benzaldehyde and activated guanalyl

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Unformatted text preview: e and activated Guanalyl cyclase and catalyzes GDP to cGMP, cGMP binds to cGMP channel, causes electrical impulse, and worm knows that it smelt the benzaldehyde Activation of a GPCR can lead to changes in transcription, ion channel activity, altered metabolism, remodeled cytoskeleton another molecule activated by pKG affects transcription and stops other cycle so that you do not know that you are smalling benzaldehyde. transcription and translation takes time. you small the popcorn and then get used to small, get used to it over time Crosstalk: signaling pathways can interact For example, cellular decisions to live or die depend upon integration of multiple signals that directly interact with one another Yamaguchi H, Chang SS, Hsu JL, Hung MC. (2013). Signaling cross-talk in the resistance to HER family receptor targeted therapy. Oncogene. doi: 10.1038/onc.2013.74. Crosstalk: signaling pathways can interact hormones Growth factors Seven pass transmembrane receptors G protein Phospholipase C G protein Adenylate cyclase IP3 Diacylglycerol A kinase Ras- activating protein Ras Ca2+ Cyclic AMP Adapter protein Protein kinase I calmodulin CaM kinase Gene regulatory proteins Protein kinase II C kinase Protein kinase III Gene target proteins Signaling outcome depends on context just because signaling pathway works a certain way in one cell, doesnt mean it will work the same way in other cell. acetylcholine Heart muscle: decreased contraction Sa...
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