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Lecture 3--cell signaling

Other enzymes adapters active ras sos other enzymes

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Unformatted text preview: he MAP kinase cascade. Receptor activation activates an intracellular cascade signal receptor Intracellular signaling cascades act as a series of molecular switches OFF OFF Signal in ATP ADP Signal in Phosphatase Kinase inactivates activates GDP GTP binding activates GDP GTP ON GTP hydrolysis activates ON GTP Signal out Signaling by phosphorylation Signal out Signaling by GTP-binding protein on: GTP bound, off GDP bound Phosphorylation is a common motif in signal transduction pathways Kinases alter protein activity by adding phosphate groups to proteins Phosphorylation is a common motif in signal transduction pathways Major classes of kinases: --Tyrosine kinases --Serine/Threonine kinases --Histidine kinases Each kinase has a different set of targets Phosphorylation is a common motif in signal transduction pathways Phosphatases remove phosphate groups from proteins Map kinase pathways consist of a series of successive kinases map kinase kinase kinase was the ste 11 in reaidng mitagen: groth factor kinase activated by growth factor translocates to nucleus, activates transctiption factors and alr=ters transciption, phosphorylates transcption factor; Signaling activated by multiple receptors can converge on MAP kinase cascades A Map kinase pathway controls mating in yeast Nuclear translocation transcription= Mating Fus3 translocates to the nucleus during mating DAPI 10 min pheromone Vegetative growth Fus3 immunofluorescence Choi KY, Kranz JE, Mahanty SK, Park KS, Elion EA...
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