Lecture 3--cell signaling

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Unformatted text preview: yrosine on the activated receptor. The adapter kinds and activates a protein that functions as a Ras-activating protein. This in turn stimulates Ras to exchange its bound GDP for GTP Signal molecule Extracellular space Inactive Ras protein Active Ras protein cytosol Activated receptor tyrosine kinase Adapter protein ONWARD TRANSMISSION OF SIGNAL once RTK phosphorylized you have proteins interact when sites phorphorylated. GRAB 2l discovered in Ras activating protein drosophila screens, activates ras, SOS plays role in 26 transduction pathways, stimualates echange of gdp o gtp byGTPase Activation of Ras by RTK’s Inactive receptors Inactive Ras Receptor activation In the absence of ligand, Ras is bound to GDP and receptors are present as monomers. Sos ligand Active Ras Sos Ligand binding induces dimerization and phosphorylation; activation of Ras is mediated by Grb2-Sos which induces the exchange of GTP for GDP on Ras. Other enzymes, adapters Active Ras Sos Other enzymes, adapters Raf GTP-activated Ras acts as a binding site for Raf, which causes this protein kinase to become localized at the plasma membrane where it triggers t...
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