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Lecture 3--cell signaling

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Unformatted text preview: rounkd induces the dimerization of the recpetor, now you have a dimerized recpetor. theyre kinases so phosphorilates things, the main thine to phosphorylate is eachtoher, one subunit phosphorylates the other. end up with complexes that are phosphorylated in multpile positions. those phosphorylations can have different funcitons,. can study what each phosphorylation does by mutating each site; once phosphorylated, creates interaction sites and Binding of ligand, induces dimerization of the two inactive receptor subunits. Formation of a dimer leads to phosphorylation and further dimerization key thing, acivates receptor intracellular signaling events add binding side that bridges the proteins and makes them the dimer. antibiody brings receptors together. AB canbe used to blocj the kinase signaling; can have AB blocking it. asis for the newest anti cancer drugs Activation of a receptor tyrosine kinase leads to activation of the small intracellular signaling molecule: Ras An adapter protein is docked on a particular phophot...
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