Lecture 3--cell signaling

Linked to lipids alpha and gamma protein linked to

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Unformatted text preview: DP for GTP Crystal structure of an activated beta-adrenergic receptor with G-protein G-protein either apha or beta gamma can interact with other shutoff Activated ! subunit Target protein molecules down stream. activated alpha unit can interact with target protein. Extracellular spaceand can interact with adenylyl cyclase and activates activity, make cyclic amp and cytosol Activated "# complex Activation of target protein by ! subunit of G protein inactivation Re-formed inactive G protein Inactive target protein 1. Activated ! subunit encounters and binds its target protein and activates it. 2. The GTP on the ! subunits hydrolyzed to GDP by the ! subunit’s intrinsic GTP’ase activity. 3. Inactivation leads to binding to the " and # subunits when The acetylcholine receptor GOCRactivation of alpha, beta and inet the GOC r is activated you heart: g and gamma an example of G-proteingamma. beta and potassium channel activation interact with the channel acetylcholine alpha subunit is the one that interacts with the Activated "# complex Plasma mem...
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