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Lecture 3--cell signaling

Nuclear hormone recpetors because translocate to

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Unformatted text preview: eroid is then transported into the nucleus tafter it enters the through nuclear nucleus it itself becomes pores where they activate transcription of specific genes. a transciption factor, why does receptor in absence of hormone stay out of nucleus? receptor needs signal such as the hormone to let the nuclear pore know and let the complex in; image opposite something keeps it in cytoplasm untilligand bound and lets go (correct one) Steroids allow nuclear translocation by disrupting interactions between nuclear hormone receptors and a cytoplasmically-sequestered inhibitory protein techniques to know whtehr the signaling hormone is present? see whetehr the recpetor is in cytoplasm or nucleus how? stain or immuno fluorescence of tag with fluorescent protein. binds to another protein, inhibitors, of the heat showch protein family and this keeps in cytoplasm. steroids allow nuclear trnanslocation by disrupting interactions between nuclear hormone receptors and cytoplasmicallysequestered inhibitory protein. Nuclear Hormone receptor translocation monitored with GFP fusions absence of hormone with hoemones Estrogen Receptor absence of hormon...
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