Lecture 3--cell signaling

Take cells and extract mrna use reverse transcription

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Unformatted text preview: cleotides for once sample and green for another sample. now you have library of cDNA for both cells. now you use a chip that contains all the complementary cDNA sequences hybridize cdna libraries at same time, to microchips that have probes for all genes. cDNA bind to cmpelementary probes, and take chip ad makes an abstract art,series of dots. if see yellow, both were expressed, red spot gene expressed more in cancer, green expressed in normal. black spot neither is expressing gene well. How close is the diverter-mediated response to a normal osmolarity response? What are all the genes activated in these scenarios? have two different kinds of cell. Perform a micro-array diagonal line tells us that change in expression in wild type is similar to change in expression inn diverter with alpha factor. has similar effects on gene expression globally as wild type with osmo. when you have diverter, tricked cell into thinking alpha facotr is like an osmo shock eahch dot represents one gene and how much it changes in each of these. even though both exposed to alpha factor not good correlaition between the two situations. th diverter is vhan...
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