Lecture 3--cell signaling

They are all important in human health 5 enzyme

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Unformatted text preview: sphorylation is a common motif in signal transduction pathways: Map kinase signaling The first step in signal transduction: ligand activates receptor Ligands can be soluble or membrane-bound Receptors can be on the cell surface or intracellular signal signal does not have to be secreted or soluble, it can be boud to a membrane, if bound to another membrane what kind of signaling is that. what is it called when both ligand and recptor are bound to membrane? juxtacrine signaling receptor Forms of Cell Signaling Some signals diffuse through membranes and have intracellular receptors Hydrophilic signal small, hydrophobic signal has to be a signal that can diffuse through memebrane, have to be small and hydrophobic Cell surface receptor intracellular receptor Nuclear hormones usually made by endocrine organ, estrogen, testosteronevitamins, cortisol: stress hormone secreted by adrenal gland, changing metabolism, heart rate and immune sysetem Steroid Hormone Signaling Pathway Steroids diffuse through the plasma membrane, enter the cytoplasm and bind to their intracellular receptors. nuclear hormone recpetors: because translocate to nucleus when ligand comes in; orcytosol receptors The complex of receptor and st...
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