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Lecture 6--the cytoskeleton-1

Mutation causes tau to aggregate aggregated tau clogs

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Unformatted text preview: t move Cilia and flagella are specialized structures with a specific microtubule-based structure Nexin Inner dynein Bridge connecting central singlets Plasma membrane Cross-section of a flagellum Central pair demonstrates the of single microtubules presence of peripheral microtubular paths and one central pair. Outer dynein arm Spokehead Inner sheath Axonema: middle: motile cilia: normal microtubules with 13 dimers; 9+2 Radial spoke the outside ones are microtubule doublets 100nm A tubule B tubule Doublet microtubule 9+2 arrangeent: can form because have al sorts of other proteins interacting with them; dinine: motor protein, like myosin moving actin, can move tubulin; alow microtubules to slide past each toher as the celia beat Electron micrograph of a sperm flagellum in cross-section B tubule A tubule dynein arms radial spoke central singlet microtubule 50nm Intermediate filaments Includes a large number of ultrastructurally similar (8-10 nm), but chemically distinct filaments encoded by different proteins Contribute to cell shape and stability different but related amino acid sequences. major role of intermediate filaments is to contribute to the cell shape and provide mechanical stablity to cells. Intermediate Filaments Intermediate Filaments disease projeria: age rapidly; young but has skin and tissues of an older person; lamins when first made are modfied by farnecyl group(lipid modificatoin), whihch is how it gets anchored to the membrane. farnecylated and stuck to inner nuclear membrane. after laminin stuck to nucleus and arranged on the outside of it, the farnecyked group cut off, is not attached to the mebrane but lining inside; disease prevents farnecyles GFP tagged to lamin: tags nucleus: lining inside of nucleus to help maintain shape DNA in nucleus is arrnaged in precifse 3D manner important in forming chromatin. laminin: extracelular membrane protein lamin found in nucleus; Lamins are intermediate filaments that...
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