Lecture 6--the cytoskeleton-1

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Unformatted text preview: ubules to spin spindles so they are important in process might make cytoskeletal processes less efficient Drugs affecting cytoskeletal components in specific ways have advanced the study of the cytoskeleton Colchicine inhibits cancer metastasis Colchicine inhibits pressure-induced tumor cell implantation within surgical wounds and enhances tumor-free survival in mice. David H. Craig, Cheri R. Owen, William C. Conway, Mary F. Walsh, Christina Downey, Marc D. Basson. J Clin Invest. 2008; 118(9):3170–3180 in vitro systems have made it possible to study cytoskeletal components in a controlled fashion In vitro actin polymerization assay in vitro systems have made it possible to study cytoskeletal components in a controlled fashion In vitro actin polymerization assay can study them outside the cell in controlled situation really in vitro there is no ella nd youre lokking at the components in solution COVER SLIP, green: head of myosin: loader that leads along actin The cytoskeleton 1. Functions of the cytoskeleton: structure, attachment, compartmentalization, motility, transport, cell division 2. Methods for studying the cytoskeleton: EM, antibodies, fusion proteins, drugs, in vitro assays 3. A tour of cytoskeletal filaments: microtubules, intermediate filaments, actin filaments Cytoskeletal filaments Microtubules Intermediate filaments Actin filaments Microtubules hollow cylinder; cylindr made up 13 rows of molecules. each orptoophylament is made ot two beta -alpha tubulin dimer basic subunit of tubuilin Cylinders of 25nm in diameter composed of 13 protofilaments Protofilaments are linear polymers of tubulin. Tubulin is a heterodimer consisting of alpha and beta-tubulin. assemble with each toher end toend, and thirteen assemble side to sie to make microtubule; Microtubule filament stability is regulated by GTP hydrolysis one protofilament beta subunit of the dimer is a GTP ase; has differen tproperties when bound to GTP and GDP, to bind to actin filaments, has to have GTP bound; because there is an alpha and a beta, if assemble them into polyemner,that polymer has a polarity; beta subunit is growing end of microtubuke, (+) end; if filaments are adding to the right end, which of the dimers is likely to hydrolyze it first? the right one or the left. the older subunits are going to become GDP boun...
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