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Lecture 8--intracellular transport

Microtubules only bind to the end of growing filament

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Unformatted text preview: bules only bind to the end of growing filament when GTP bound; over time hydrolyzes GTP makes less stable but whole microtubule still stable Tubulin molecule f the dimers with ibound GTP at the end are GTP bound. Protofilaments containing GDP tubulin are unstable and peel away from the microtubule wall GTP tubulin molecules add to end of microtubule Addition proceeds faster than GTP hydrolyses GDP tubulin is released to the cytosol Tubulin molecule with bound GDP GTP cape GROWING MICROTUBULE catastrophy cycles of growing and shrinkage called dynamic instability; key way different forom actin: growth and shrinkage are in the same side of molecue. with actin treadmilling, it grows in the front and shrinks in the back. SHRINKING MICROTUBULE Microtubule protofilaments are formed by tubulin heterodimers and are added in a GTP bound state Figure 16-16b Molecular Biology of the Cell (© Garland Science 2008) Additional proteins influence the stability of microtubules AXON SHAFTS, NEED TO BE STABLE. times when want...
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