Lecture 8--intracellular transport

Times when want to distroy microtubules at the end f

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Unformatted text preview: to distroy microtubules, at the end f mytosis and have spoindle that needs t be taken apart not like other kinesins wrenches protofilaments apart when needs to get rid of Figure 16-44 Molecular Biology of the Cell (© Garland Science 2008) microtubules reason not depolimerizing in the - end is because the are anchored in a very stable place, have stable anchor. special proteins that are at the end of every protofilemnt Growth of microtubules is initiated by gamma-tubulin red probably beta tubulingreen: meber of tubulin family gamma tubulin. only at one end of the microtubule on the - end initiates formatino of tubulin filament. Stain with an anti-gamma tubulin antibody (red). Gamma-tubulin initiates synthesis at one end (-) (green). Growth of microtubules is initiated by gamma-tubulin centrosome: mysterious organelles that within them have microtubule based stuctures called centriooles perfectly at 90 degrees from eachother and associated with centriolar matrix consiting of many proteins. functions not well kn...
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