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Lecture 1--microscopy

Neighbors they inhibit eachothers grown contact

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Unformatted text preview: most cells will grow to confluence ands stop lost inability t detect neighbors and keeps growing Normal cells form a monolayer in culture Isolation of cells from tissue Cardiac tissue Isolated cardiac stem cells feeder cells Isolation of cardiac stem cells Tang et al. (2007), Biochem Biophys Res Comm 359: 877 cells also need growth factors in vivo are regulated explicitly. Requirements 1. Sterility 2. Provision of 3. Provision of of maintaining cells in cultures 1.bacteria and yeast like rich media so very hard to k an appropriate adhesive substrate eep sterile 2. most grown in plastic petri dish but plastic cannot adequate nutrients s ustain too many cells 3. when cell is in animal it is surrounded in liquid where it can get its nutrients. in culture, you need to put it in c ertain nutrients, such as amino acids, etc Immortalized cells can be passaged indefinitely -- Isolated from tumors (activated oncogenes or inactivated tumor suppressor genes) -- Divide indefinitely in culture normal cells tdo not last long because their telomeres get s horter after every cell division, if outside the animal. HeLa cell: have been sent all over the world cancer cells have found a way to regenerate telomeres to avoid its death immortalize cell lines by: adding tumor supressors or oncogens would allow you to HeLa cells have been maintained since 1951 Cell biology can also be studied in live animals or in explants cultures useful: access to cels in c ontrolled environment intact animals zebrafish skin Sagasti lab nematode embryo Nance lab fruit fly eye Pichaud lab Cell biology can also be studied in live transfer living cells, tissues animals or in explants or organs from animals or planta to a nutrient medium tissue sections, organs, or even whole embryos can be explanted explant, exvivo, extract an prgan from mouse and put it in culture, can survive for a while if treated well mouse embryo brain that is opened but will be closing(we all s tart with an open brain that eventually closes neural tube closure in a cultured mouse embryo Massarwa R, Niswander L. (2013). In toto live imaging of mouse morphogenesis and new insights into neural tube closure. Development 140(1):226-36. Cell Size Units of Measurement 1µm = 10-6 m 1nm = 10-9 m 1Å = 10-10 m unaided eye:...
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