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Operating cash flow 49570 b cash flow to creditors

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Unformatted text preview: h flow to creditors $12,300 c. Cash flow to stockholders $4,600 d. Cash flow from assets $16,900 Net capital spending $31,150 Change in NWC $1,520 Chapter 2 Question 15 Input area: Sales $51,000 Costs $39,800 Addition to retained 2,300 $ earnings Dividends paid $925 Interest expense $1,580 Tax rate 40% Output area: Income Statement Sales $51,000 Costs 39,800 Depreciation expense $4,245 EBIT $6,955 Interest expense 1,580 EBT $5,375 Taxes 2,150 Net income $3,225 Dividends $925 Addition to retained 2,300 earnings...
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