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Geometrically is pependicular to any vector in the

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Unformatted text preview: v  2 ū  w  0 by assumption so ū is pependicular to v  2w. Geometrically, ū is pependicular to any vector in the plane of v and w if ū is perpendicular to v and w. c) True: ū v 2  ū v  ū v  ū 2 2 ū  v  v 2  1 0  1  2. Any two orthogonal vectors that have length 1 are a distance 2 apart. v 9. If the product of the slopes, v 2 w 2  1 then v 1 w 1  v 2 w 2  0 or v  w  0. 1w1 11. If v  w  0 then cos   0 so   /2. In three dimensions, given v, the vectors w satisfying v  w  0 ca...
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