FALL 13 ECE Textbooks List

95 optional no yes ee4313 computer eng design proj i n

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Unformatted text preview: 1- 5 1st $95.00 Optional NO N. S. Artan RTL Hardware Design Using VHDL Pong P. Chu 978- 0- 471- 72092- 8 1st 133.95 Optional NO Yes EE4313 COMPUTER ENG DESIGN PROJ I N. S. Artan FPGA Prototyping By Verilog Examples Pong P. Chu 978- 0470185322 1st $83.32 Optional EE2013 Fundamentals of Electric Circuits I Peter Voltz Engineering Circuit Analysis Hayt, Kemmerly, Durbin 978- 0073529578 8th $167 Required Y EE4823 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles D. Czarkowski Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Design Fundamentals...
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