FALL 13 ECE Textbooks List

M k kazimierczuk and d czarkowski 978 0470905388 2nd

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Unformatted text preview: lgorithms Yong Liu Routing, Flow, and Capacity Design in Communication and Computer Networks Michal Pióro, Deepankar Medhi 125571895 2004 $70.00 Required Y EL9663 ST: Resonant Power Converters D. Czarkowski Resonant Power Converters, 2nd ed. M. K. Kazimierczuk and D. Czarkowski 978- 0470905388 2nd $113.72 Required Y EE4823 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles D. Czarkowski Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Design Fundamentals Iqbal Husain 978- 1439811757 2nd Required Y EL 6013 Princ of Dig Comm "MOD & COD" S. Rangan Fundamentals of Digital Communications Upamanyu Madhow 978- 0521874144 EL 6653 Power System Stability. Francisco DeLeon Power System Stability and Control P. Kundur 978- 0- 07- 035958- 1 1994 Required EL 6713 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Nirod Das Time Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields R. F. Harrington 978- 0471208068 Latest Required Price Required/Optio nal Course Number/Section $71.49 Required Y $73.44 Required...
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