5 carlyle is partial to the use of the paq to set job

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Unformatted text preview: d ultimately promote greater diversity at higher managerial levels. Advantages of keeping the MBA may be that MBAs are more prepared to handle more difficult store situations and for promotion to district manager. 5. Carlyle is partial to the use of the PAQ to set job specifications. What is your position on the use of the PAQ relative to other job analysis methods? The MPDQ is more appropriate for this job level. The PAQ is more appropriate for non­ managerial positions. 6. Given Carlyle’s interest in the training program and the “job­related” selection tests, what job analysis method should be used for the development of these products? The use of the critical incident technique combined with the MPDQ should give Carlyle the necessary information for the development of these products....
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