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Discussion should center on how to obtain the data

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Unformatted text preview: ce is needed to determine whether or not to keep these criteria. Discussion should center on how to obtain the data and which data is crucial for the analysis. Individual analysis requires approximately 30 minutes of outside class preparation provided Chapter 4 has been read. Allow 20­30 minutes for group discussion. Table 4.3.1 Answers to Form 4.3.1 1. What method(s) of analysis do you recommend in order to evaluate the job specifications for the store manager job? The best method would be to investigate the relationship between manager performance and the job specifications. Students should request data on incumbent MBAs and managers who have had three years experience or historical data, which would enable the analyst to study the performance of managers with MBAs and/or three years experience. Are managers with MBAs better performers? Are managers h...
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