A server side challengeresponse is always more secure

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Unformatted text preview: s also ideal. Once you've created a random, solid password, generate a second, alternate password in the manager to use as the answer to the inevitable "mother's maiden name" question. ([email protected]$mE). (Brandt, PC World, A. 2009). It is also highly recommended to make your password at least eight characters long with not only letters but symbols, numbers and punctuation within it. It is advised to change bank/credit card site passwords every 3 months or so. A step by step guide is provided on some sites on how to make a difficult password. First start with a sentence (hard passwords are better). Then remove spaces (hardpasswordsarebetter). Abbreviate the words (hrdpsswrdsrbttr). Finally add numbers/symbols ([email protected]#). That is a complex, un- guessable password that will ensure your safety. (Safety and Security Center 2013) Always avoid dictionary words in different language, words spelled backwards, repeated ch...
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