Passwords should also be different and vary from

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Unformatted text preview: you are able to reboot the PC, your safest alternative is to carry a copy of the “Knoppix bootable operating system” on a CD, DVD, or flash drive. With this you can customize it with up to 2GB of Internet tools, applications, and utilities. (Brandt, PC World, A. 2009). When creating a password, it should never be any personal information or anything that is easily accessible. This is due to the convenience of social networking, almost any standard information about a person, such as birthdays and hometowns, can be found by the click of a button on someone’s profile. Passwords should also be different and vary from different accounts to ensure safety from fraud and identity theft. “75% of people use the same email and Facebook password” (Griffith, E. 2011). “Do not use same password for more than one account ever” (Mitchell, R. L....
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