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User requests hint initially provided to system when

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Unformatted text preview: aracters, personal info. There are numerous methods to password protecting areas of your website, some are server language based such as ASP, PHP or PERL. JavaScript is not as secure as a server- side option. A server side challenge/response is always more secure than a client dependent challenge/response. For security, you should refrain from uploading the ht- password file to a directory that is web accessible. Rather it should be placed above your root directory. Be sure to remember where you put it. “Also, this file, as with htaccess, should be uploaded as ASCII and not BINARY.” (JavaScript Kit 2012). You can use PC Tools Secure Password Generator makes difficult passwords for those without a creative imagination. Also to check the difficulty of your password, visit HowSecureisMyPassword.net. The site will even tell you how long the average...
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