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Your passwords are the keys to everything youve

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Unformatted text preview: recommended because they can easily become ex- girlfriends or ex- friends, etc. “Passwords are like underwear; they should be changed frequently, not be shared and not left out for others to see.” (Griffith, E. 2011). Why should you care or be concerned? Your passwords are the keys to everything you’ve locked inside. “When someone broke into Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Yahoo mail account and published details that it contained, the incident drew public attention to a serious problem.” (Brandt, PC World, A. 2009). Having one’s information hacked is an unexpected and underestimated crime that occurs daily. You must always be aware of the dangers of leaving your computer open or signing into computer’s that are not your personalized laptop. PC’s in hotels, schools and other public places are not safe. They are not heavily monitored, in- frequent up- keeping, many users, Trojan horses and other viruses common and not properly “cleaned”. If...
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