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Name: __________________________________ Lab Section: ___________ Page 1 of 5 Lab Partners: ____________________________ Lab 5. Lab 5 was created to provide you with more practice problems for the midterm and to give you more time to study for the midterm. You need to turn in your lab either before your lab or during your lab next week. Please see the file “Lab5_due” on blackboard for more information. The key is – the sooner you finish the lab, the more prepared you will be for the midterm! If the research hypothesis is true, but the study has a low level of power: A. there is a high probability that the study will have a significant result. B. the null hypothesis will most likely be rejected. C. the probability of getting a significant result is low. D. alpha (i.e., the significance level) is most likely too lenient (for example, 0.10 instead of 0.05). Let’s say we want to pull two sampling distributions of the means from a parent population. For one sampling distribution N = 5 and for the other distribution N = 25. Keeping the number of repetitions constant (e.g., 500), which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Both distributions of the means will have approximately the same mean as the parent population. B. The variance of each distribution will be approximately equal to the square root of the variance of the population divided by the square root of N.
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