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logistics 0 assignment 1 complete assign 1 8 quiz

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Unformatted text preview: the final grade, due at the final exam. The assignment relates to the topic of food and agriculture, which is, due to time constraints, regrettably absent from the current lecture schedule. See the course packet for instructions. Personal Conduct: ES 1 is a collaborative learning environment. Respect is essential for maintaining this atmosphere. The teaching staff will not tolerate disrespectful behavior of any kind. Any verified case of such behavior will result in an immediate expulsion from the course. COURSE PACKET The course packet is arranged by week and class, corresponding with the schedule on the next page of this syllabus. It also includes instructions for your five assignments. You can purchase a paper copy at the Alternative copy shop in Isla Vista, or access an interactive digital version at StudySoup.com—a business started by a former UCSB Environmental Studies student. STAFF Instructor: Professor Peter Alagona designs the course, gives the lectures, selects the readings, and writes the assignments. Teaching Assistants: Heather Hodges, Andrew Esch, Jennifer Couture, Alyssa Hall, Francesca Santana, and Samantha Arthur handle registration, teach the discussion sections, and do all of the grading. SCHEDULE DATE WEEK CLASS TOPIC ASSIGNMENT SECTION POINTS  ­ ­  ­ ­ 0  ­ ­ Intro. & Logistics 0 Assignment 1 Complete Assign. 1 8 Quiz 1 Quiz 1 Review 10 Assignment 2 Complete Assign. 2 8 Assignment 3 Complete Assign. 3 8 Quiz 2 Quiz 2 Review 10 Assignment 4 Comple...
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