Five times during the quarter you will complete a

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Unformatted text preview: ies to ask questions about the readings in your discussion sections. You will encounter questions about them on the quizzes and short writing exercises. Quizzes: 30% of the final grade. You will have three quizzes, each of which will focus on material covered in the lectures and readings since the previous quiz. The quizzes are not cumulative. You should bring a half ­ page Parscore sheet, which you can purchase at any campus store, with you to each quiz. Short Writing Exercises: 10% of the final grade. Five times during the quarter, you will complete a short (five ­minute) exercise in lecture worth two points on your final grade. To receive credit, you must provide specific, coherent, and legible responses that draw from the lectures and/or readings. The dates of the short writing exercises will not be announced ahead of time. Assignments: 40% of the final grade. During the quarter, you will complete five written assignments, each worth 8 points on your final grade. Each assignment will be different in form and content, but each will have an individual take ­home component and a discussion section collaborative component. You should complete the individual portion of each assignment before your discussion section on the week it is due and bring a printed copy with you to section. In section, you will complete an additional collaborative activity, and submit the full assignment at the end of the class period. Discussion Sections: You must attend your discussion section on week one, or you will be dropped from the course. During sections, you will have time to ask questions about course material and logistics. On the weeks when assignments are due, the sections will fo...
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