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Incomplete grades incompletes will not be given for

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Unformatted text preview: than one week before the scheduled exam or quiz, so that we can plan for any special accommodations. If you fail to show up for your special accommodations, you will receive a zero for that quiz or exam. We will not meet retroactive requests. Email: I welcome all of your questions, comments, and suggestions. But email is an inefficient means of communication, and I do not use it to correspond with students. I will be happy to speak with you in person before, during, or after class, or in my office hours. For questions or emergencies, contact your TA. Academic Integrity: We maintain a zero ­tolerance policy for all cases of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, cheating, and unauthorized student teamwork. All cases will be referred to the appropriate campus authorities. Grade Appeals: If you have a dispute with your TA over a grade you have received, you have the right to request a review by the professor. Please keep in mind, however, that an appeal will invoke a review of the full assignment and could result in an even lower grade. Incomplete Grades: Incompletes will not be given for this class, except in the most extreme circumstances, such a sudden, debilitating illness or death in the immediate family. DSP status is not a justification for requesting an incomplete grade. Honors Section: Students in the Honors Program may sign up for an honors section led by the professor, in addition to their normal TA ­led section. The honors section is will take place on Thursdays, from 2:00 ­2:50 PM, in HSSB 1223, except on quiz weeks. You should attend the first section, on October 3, for an add code. Extra Credit: There will be one extra credit assignment, worth two points on...
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