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You should bring a fullpage blue book with you to the

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Unformatted text preview: cus on the associated collaborative activities. Sections are mandatory on those weeks; if you fail to attend, you will receive a zero for that assignment. On the weeks when we have quizzes, the sections that meet before class on Thursday will spend the period reviewing for the quiz. Thursday afternoon and Friday discussion sections will be cancelled. In the place of those sections, your TAs will host joint review sessions, location TBA, on Wednesday evenings (October 16, November 6, and December 4) at 7:00 PM. Sections will not meet on Thanksgiving week. Final Exam: 20% of your final grade (Monday, December 9, 12:00 ­3:00). Unlike the quizzes or section assignments, the final exam will require you to synthesize information and analyze arguments from throughout the course. You should bring a full ­page blue book with you to the final. POLICIES Crashing: If you are not yet registered, then during week one you should attend the discussion section that best fits in your schedule. The TA will maintain a waiting list and notify you if there is space by the beginning of week two. You must sign up for one section and stick with that section for the entire quarter. Attendance: You must make arrangements with your TA ahead of time if you need to miss class for personal, health, or religious reasons. TAs will not grant exemptions or extensions after the fact or for reasons other than these three. Disabled Students Program (DSP): The Environmental Studies Program will make every reasonable effort to accommodate DSP students. If you are a registered DSP student, you should inform your TA within the first two weeks of the quarter, or of enrolling in the DSP. You should also submit your request no less...
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