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Unformatted text preview: amination Readings: Text: Introduction: Fraud Examination Pages 156-177 _____________________________________________________________ Wednesday October 30 Lecture 6: Introduction to Finance Readings: Text: An Introduction to Finance Pages 178-197 __________________________________________________________________ Wednesday November 6 Exam #2- Lectures and Readings 4-6 (33%) NCB 101 7:00 pm to 9:00pm Wednesday November 13 Lecture 7: Financing and Distribution Readings: Text: How Firms Raise Capital Dividends and Dividend Policy pages 198-210 pages 211-224 Wednesday November 20 Lecture 8: Derivatives Readings: Text: Options (exclude section on intrinsic values on page 236) Futures (Exclude section on How to hedge with futures pg 248) Pages 225-236 Pages 237-249 _________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday November 27 Lecture 9: Mergers and Acquisitions International Finance Readings: Text: Mergers and Acquisitions (Exclude section on Empirical Evidence page 273) International Financial Management Pages 252-273 Pages 276-281 ________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday December 4 - TBD ___________________________________________________ Exam #3- Lectures and Readings 7-9 (34%) Scheduled during December Exam Period Date and time will be set by the Registrar’s office...
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