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MOS1023+fall+2013+lecture+schedule-1 - Dan Management and...

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Dan Management and Organizational Studies - Introduction to MOS II MOS 1023a Lecture and Reading Schedule Wednesday September 11 Course Introduction __________________________________________________________________ Wednesday September 18 Lecture 1: Introduction- Accounting Readings: Text: Purpose and Use of Financial Statements Pages 1-27 __________________________________________________________________ Wednesday September 25 Lecture 2: Financial Accounting – Statements and Standards Readings: Text: Conceptual Framework Underlying Financial Reporting Pages 28-53 A Further Look at Financial Statements Pages 54-74 __________________________________________________________________ Wednesday October 2 Lecture 3: The Accounting Information System Readings: Text: The Accounting Information System Pages 75-101 __________________________________________________________________ Wednesday October 9 Exam #1- Lectures and Readings 1-3 (33%) NCB 101 7:00 pm to 9:00pm _____________________________________________________________________________________
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Wednesday October 16 Lecture 4: Managerial Accounting – Decision Making , Cost Classifications and Performance Evaluation Readings: Text: Accounting: Information for Decision Making pages 102-120 Cost Flows and Cost Terminology pages 121-141 Performance Evaluation in Decentralized Organizations pages 143-155 __________________________________________________________________
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