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EXSS 112 -Lab Case Study/Critical Thinking Questions Fall 2007 (25 pts.) A 28 yr. old marathon runner finished his race and wasn’t looking so hot. The temperature was around 80 deg. F during the race. He appeared “out of it” and weak. All of his vitals were stable. The paramedics took him into the hospitality tent and gave him an IV. 1) What is in an IV? (2 pts.) 2) What are some purposes for an IV? (3 pts.) 3) Define hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic. (2 pts.) 4) If this male was dehydrated, what type of solution did he receive? Why? (2 pts.) 5) What is normal blood plasma osmolarity? (1 pts.) In a recent news story, a 28 year old woman died after consuming as much as 2 gallons of water without urinating in a radio contest. An autopsy revealed her cause of death to be water intoxication. 1) What is water intoxication? (2 pts) 2) Describe how osmosis can result in damage to the cells.(3 pts) 3) Hyponatremia can also occur during water intoxication.
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Unformatted text preview: What is hyponatremia? How does it occur during this condition? (3 pts) 4) What is more important in water toxicity…the quantity of water that is consumed or the rate at which it is consumed? Why? (2 pts) A red hot bacterial infection of the intestinal tract irritates the intestinal cells and interferes with digestion. Such a condition is often accompanied by diarrhea, which causes loss of body water. On the basis of what you have learned about osmotic water flow, explain why diarrhea may occur. (2 pts) The normal function of one tumor-suppressor gene normally found in the body is to prevent cells with damaged chromosomes and DNA for "progressing from the G1 to S phase of the cell cycle", whereas another tumor suppressor gene prevents "passage from G2 to M". When these tumor-suppressor genes fail to work, cancer can result. Explain in detail what the phrases in quotations are describing and what goes on into those phases, etc. (3 pts)...
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