Unsensitized cause off path inputs cannot be set to

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Unformatted text preview: e: Off-path inputs cannot be set to required Cause: values. values. Example: Off-path inputs 0 or 1 Stuck-at faults here are not testable Spring 2014, Feb 5 . . . Unensitized path ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 4 Dynamically Sensitized Path Dynamically Definition: A dynamic signal can be propagated Definition: through a statically unsensitizable path. through Example: See later. Spring 2014, Feb 5 . . . ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 5 False and True Paths A ffalse path cannot propagate an event and hence alse cannot affect the timing of the circuit. False paths are dynamically unsensitizable. dynamically Dynamically sensitizable path (true path): All off-path Dynamically inputs must settle down to their non-controlling values when the event propagates through the path. when a b c 1 0 d1 True path of length 3 e 2 1 1 y f 1 1 3 0 Spring 2014, Feb 5 . . . Spring ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 1 4 True path of length 4 z 6 Static Sensitization of Path Static sensitization of path: All off-path inputs can be Static simultaneously set to their non-controlling values. simultaneously Longest path in the following example...
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