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Spring 2014 feb 21 spring elec 7770 advanced vlsi

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Unformatted text preview: . Spring ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 4 Skews for Single-Cycle Paths FFi CKi Combinational Block Delay: δ(i,j) ≤ d(i,j) ≤ Δ(i,j) si FFj CKj sj si and sj are arrival times of clock edges w.r.t. a reference time Spring 2014, Feb 21 . . . Spring ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 5 Delay Latch or D-Latch Delay SR-latch D Q CK Q Spring 2014, Feb 21 . . . ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 6 Setup and Hold Times of Latch Setup Signals are synchronized with respect to clock (CK). Operation is level-sensitive: Operation level-sensitive CK = 1 allows data (D) to pass through CK = 0 holds the value of Q, ignores data (D) Setup time is the interval before the clock transition Setup during which data (D) should be stable (not change). This will avoid any possible race condition. This Hold time is the interval after the clock transition during me which data should not change. This will avoid data from latching incorrectly. latching Spring 2014, Feb 21 . . . ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agra...
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