spring elec 5200 0016200 001 lecture 4 22 recursive

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Unformatted text preview: Nested Programs The following convention is understood and used by all calling (caller) and called (callee) programs. Preserved Not preserved Saved reg. $s0 - $s7 Stack pointer reg. $sp Return addr. Reg. $ra Stack above the stack pointer Temp. reg. $t0 - $t9 Argument reg. $a0 - $a3 Return value reg. $v0 - $v1 Stack below the stack pointer Spring 2014, Feb 10 . . . Spring ELEC 5200-001/6200-001 Lecture 4 23 When Calee becomes a Caller Saving and restoring of saved and Saving temporary registers is done same as described before. described May reuse argument registers ($a0 - $a3); May they are saved and restored as necessary. they Must reuse $ra; its content is saved in Must memory and restored on return. memory Spring 2014, Feb 10 . . . Spring ELEC 5200-001/6200-001 Lecture 4 24 Example: Program→Callee A→Calee B Main program . . addi $a0, $zero, 3 jal A . . Spring 2014, Feb 10 . . . Spring Procedure A . . addi $sp, $sp, -8 sw $ra, 4($sp) sw $a0, 0($sp) addi $a0, $zero, 7 jal B lw $a0, 0($sp) lw $ra, 4($sp) addi $sp, $sp, 8 . . jr $ra ELEC 5200-001/6200-001 Lecture 4 Procedure B . . . jr $ra 25 E...
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