Asmostbuddhistsbelieveinbuddhismand otherreligion

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Unformatted text preview: ficult ► As religious functions are performed by monks rather than the” general public” ► As Chinese have been kept away from the temples during the Mao ‘s area ► As most Buddhists believe in Buddhism and other religion Have you ever wondered about Have you ever wondered about the cherry blossoms? A region deeply influenced by A region deeply influenced by Confucius A chinese writer and philosopher He put an emphasis on : Education Family National cohesion He influenced the region for almost 3 millenia … not entirely though as the western part of East Asia was not reached The most populated region in the The most populated region in the World ► 1.6 billion in the region ► 25% of world’s population Population distribution Population distribution Arithmetic density = total number of Arithmetic density population / total area ► Country ► China Japan Kor N Kor S Mon Taiwan Area M km2 Pop A D M inhab/km2 9,3 0,37 0,12 0,098 1,5 0,035 1300 127 22...
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