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Unformatted text preview: oorplanning problem [4] Show difference of slicing and non‐slicing floorplans with example [2] Describe definition of a Normalized Polish Expression (NPE) and difference from a PE [2] Describe balloting property [3] List properties of an Skewed Slicing Tree (SST) (or prove new ones) using definition of SST [2] List advantages of representing a floorplan using an NPE [3] Prove properties of an NPE (or prove new ones) using its definition [1] Given a floorplan, draw the SST and NPE [1] Given one or more move(s) for an NPE, determine if reachability exists to other NPEs [1] Given one or more move(s) for an NPE, determine if the resulting expression is NPE [1] Given one or move move(s), show how a SST / NPE can be reached from another SST / NPE [3] Translate a move described in words into a move applied to an NPE or SST [2]Given two blocks with few shape options and relative location, find...
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