Types of Unemployment Part 1

one of th probles clrlrit recesson is that the

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Unformatted text preview: ot;,~£ .. -one of th~ proble~s' c::l~rLri~t_. ~ recess~on is that the un~mploy~ent rat~ ~ay n~treflect accurately en~ugh th~ actual numb~r of unemployed' because of hidden une~pl~y~ent -CYCLICAL UNEMPLOYMENT i~ c::aus~d by the sw~ngs in the business cyc::l~and ~c::~nomi~ policies by the government can reduce the l~ngth of the swings (Up and DOWN) -DEMAND DEFICIENT UNEMPLOYMENT is caused ~ostly dur~ng recessionary ti~~~ when t:..h~ ~~.' e de~and fo. products and :ser'vl.ices ~. G,::;:. decr-eases -COST PUSH UN~MPLOYMENT is ~aus~d durLng rapLd expansion ~here th~ ~~sts of producing produ~ts ~nd s~r~Lc::~s .is ~ncreasLng so rap~dly that Labour Ls r~duc::~d Ln order to he1p reduce I i costs i f i I f ! : ------------------------------------~--...
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