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Mao and the ccp established their own independent

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Unformatted text preview: ority: Civil War and Foreign Invasion - By the beginning of the twentieth century, the centralized authority of the Chinese state, developed over two thousand years, effectively crumbled - In 1911, a public revolt finally swept away the remnants of the Qing dynasty, and China was declared a republic, but it soon fell under the control of regional warlords - In this midst of this chaos, two main political organizations formed to compete for power ! The Nationalist Party - The Nationalist Party, also known as the Kuomintang (KMT), slowly grew in strength under the leadership of Sun Yat- sen - The party was aided by student protests in 1919, known as the May Fourth movement - These nationalist revolts rejected foreign interference in China and called for modernization, radical reform, and a break with traditional values and institutions, including Confucianism ! The Chinese Communist Party - The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), formed in 1921 by one of the leaders of the May Fourth movement - By 1928, the KMT had emerged as the effective leader of much of the country, while the CCP was pushed out of the cities and into the countryside - During the repression of the CCP, power w...
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