Democratic Regimes

Problems with this theory latin america asia examples

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Unformatted text preview: and Democratization Modernization theory: as societies become more modern they inevitably become more democratic. ! Modernization associated with: - More education - Weakening of older, traditional institutions - Greater gender equality - Rise of middle class ! Problems with this theory: Latin America, Asia. Examples? ! Elites and Democratization - Whether democratization follows modernization is linked to who is in power— elites - Oil states of the Middle East—rise in material wealth, education, modernization without democratization - Poverty an obstacle to democratization - How resources are distributed affects likelihood for change ! Society and Democratization - Civil society: organized life outside the state - Clubs, associations, societies. Examples? - Inherently apolitical, but allow people to participate in expressing issues that are important - - aid in democratization. - Gives people tools—ideas and actions that affect society ! International Relations and Democratization - Modernization can be a result of foreign investment, trade, and globalization - Outside influences can push democratization - Civil society strengthened by education, media, and nongovernmental organizations outside the country...
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