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Ce commenced pirst efforts at nation building

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Unformatted text preview: dependent on agriculture and is often called a “gamble in rains” •More than half of all Indians remain dependent on agrarian livelihood •UN predicts that India will surpass China as world’s most populous country by 2035 and will continue to grow until 2050- peaking at roughly 1.8 billion ! Major Geographic and Demographic Features •Simplest division of Indian society is between Aryans of the North and Dravidians of the South •Hindi and English are spoken in the North •Southerners speak one of four major dialects of Dravidian language •English serves as the national language ! Historical Development of the State Three religious traditions and nearly 1,000 years of foreign domination mark the contours of gradual formation of the sovereign Indian state: 1. Hinduism 2. Buddhism 3. Islam ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Historical Development of the State •Hinduism: India adopted Hindu traditions such as polytheism, reincarnation, and social and...
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