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More than 1 billion indians speak some 325 distinct

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Unformatted text preview: India? India is a country dangerously divided by history, language, religion, and caste With thousands of years of history as an authoritarian, hierarchical culture that has stratiPied, segmented, and compartmentalized society: 1.More than 1 billion Indians speak some 325 distinct languages with over 1,500 dialects 2.Worship over 5,000 gods 3.Six separate religions have at least 50 million adherents each (80% call them self Hinduism) 4.Caste divisions still segregate India socially, economically and culturally •Some argue that the only way of holding India together is through a ponderous but Plexible democracy •Gained independence in 1947, when they fully adopted the political institutions: •Greatest challenge to Indian democracy...
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