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Less-Developed and Newly Industrialized Countries

Challenges of post imperialism 1 post imperialism how

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Unformatted text preview: expenditures and public goods (education, healthcare) •Others argue that more conservative sex roles fostered by imperial powers that marginalized women ! ! x Institutions of Imperialism: Dependent Development •Economic modernization to serve imperial power •From subsistence- to cash- based economy •Mercantilist economy—tied to imperial markets •Primary goods exported, Vinished goods imported •Local markets often dominated by monopolies •Limited industrialization, infrastructure ! Challenges of Post- imperialism 1. Post- imperialism: how to create a modern state, society, and economy? 2. Building state capacity and autonomy 3. Forging social identities 4. Generating economic growth ! State Capacity and Autonomy •Capacity: ability of states to get things done; fulVill tasks •Autonomy: ability to act free...
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