Less-Developed and Newly Industrialized Countries

Group divisions with economic implications one ethnic

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Unformatted text preview: from direct public interference ! Building State Capacity •Challenge of creating effective political institutions •Weak capacity –Weak bureaucratic structures after imperialism –State politicized by new leaders –Cooptation –Rent- seeking –Clientelism –Patrimonialism ! Building State Autonomy •Weak autonomy –Autonomy often built on force alone –State penetrated by various actors –Kleptocracy •Autonomy/capacity affected by power of international actors as well –States –Intergovernmental organizations (World Bank) –NGOs (Amnesty International) •Result is a weak rule of law, military rule ! Forging Social Identities •Making a single nation where none existed before! •Group divisions with economic implications (one ethnic group controls economy) •Group divisions with political implications (battles for political power fall along ethnic, religious lines) •Gender divisions a conVlict of pre- modern and modern values •Ethnic, gender inequality can hinder development ! ! x Generating...
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