Less-Developed and Newly Industrialized Countries

Mixed improved infrastructure standard of living but

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Unformatted text preview: the State •Transfer of the state from the modern world •Creation of local bureaucratic structures staffed by workers from imperial power to consolidate control •How these were created different depending on the imperial power •Effects? Mixed - Improved infrastructure, standard of living - But people not fully incorporated into system as citizens with rights ! Institutions of Imperialism: Social Identities •Introduction/imposition of concepts of ethnicity and nationality where ideas were weak or absent •Basic rights tied to these memberships •Hierarchical classiVications often linked to speciVic membership •But also nationalism—concept of self- rule, of sovereignty—would prove to be a threat to imperialism in long run ! Institutions of Imperialism: Gender •Hard to make generalizations given diversity of societies •Some beneVits brought to women through modernization, education, social...
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