India Outline 3

the most dramatic flare ups of sectarian violence

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Unformatted text preview: Indians share a common faith, regional and Linguistic groups practice their Hinduism differently •The promotion of Hindu nationalism has brought a degree of unity to these groups, 12% of Indians are Muslim and 2 to 3 % who are adherents of Sikhism and the comparable % who are Christian ! ! ! ! ! ! Religious Differences •These religious differences have often acquired political signiFicance, leading at times to: 1. Assassinations 2. Violent pogroms 3. Bitter reprisals 4. Secessions and threats of secession ! ! The most dramatic Flare- ups of sectarian violence have been between Hindus and Muslims, including the initial partitioning of Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India and ongoing territorial disputes in Kashmir ! •The hierarchical separation of Indian society into c...
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