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Branches of government president as a republic india

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Unformatted text preview: 1977 as a blunt (but nonetheless effective) too against her political opponents ! Presidential rule —Presidential Rule: Constitutional right of the Indian government to oust a state government and rule by decree for an indeXinite period of time; the state- level equivalent of emergency rule National governments have employed this measure on a number of occasions when ethnic unrest, local resistance, or simply a political stalemate has rendered a state, in the judgment of the Center, ungovernable ! Branches of Government: President —As a republic, India has as head of state a president, not a monarch, and as in most other parliamentary systems, the president’s role is largely symbolic —The president is authorized to "appoint" the prime minister, but as with the monarchs of Britain and Japan, this is simply an afXirmation of the leader of the dominant party or coalition in the parliament ! Branches of Government: Prime Minister and the Cabinet —As in the British system, the Indian prime minister and cabinet constitute the executive branch —The prime minis...
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