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PLSC 2013 Outline India 2

Legislature upper house as its name denotes the upper

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Unformatted text preview: Manmohan Singh, is the country’s Xirst Sikh to serve in that ofXice and began his tenure in 2004 as the leader of a Congress coalition ! The Legislature —As is the case in many parliamentary systems, the lower house, or Lok Sabha (House of the People), dominates India’s bicameral legislature 1. this lower chamber seats 545 members, all but two of whome are elected by votes for terms not to exceed five years 2. although its size may seem to weaken its effectivness, india’s hugw population remains relatively underrepresented 3. .... ! ! ! ! The Legislature —Like the British lower house, the Lok Sabha serves primarily as a chamber of debate between the government and the opposition —India adopted many of the rituals and institutions of its colonial model, including a neutral Speaker of the House who presides over...
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