PLSC 2013 Outline India 2

Prime minister the current prime minister manmohan

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Unformatted text preview: ter, as head of the government, is responsible for managing the day- to- day affairs of government and is the state’s most important political Xigure —The prime minister is typically the leader of the party with a majority in the lower house of the legislature or, more recently, a leader from within a coalition of parties —To remain in ofXice, the prime minister must retain the conXidence of the lower house and may choose to dissolve it at any point and call elections in order to solidify support for the government —The prime minister chooses members of the parliament to serve in a Council of Ministers that presides over all government ministries and departments —From this larger council, a smaller and more manageable group of the Xifteen to twenty most important ministers meets weekly to formulate and coordinate government policy ! Prime Minister —The current prime minister,...
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