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PLSC 2013 Outline India 2

Rising coalitions united progressive alliance is the

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Unformatted text preview: ns by amending the constitution, as it has done on a number of occasions (ninety- two times in Xifty- four years). —With few exceptions, the Supreme Court has enjoyed: (and earned) a reputation for fairness and independence ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The Electoral System —At the national level, voters use a plurality system to elect representatives to the Lok Sabha, as in Britain and the United States — The country is divided into 543 single- member districts (SMDs), in which the candidate who earns a plurality of votes on the Xirst ballot is elected —The districts are based primarily on population, but some districts are reserved for the so- called scheduled castes, which include the "untouchables" and tribal minorities —Members of the upper house are elected for staggered six- year Xixed terms by the state legislatures, with seats apportioned according to each state’s population ! The Electoral System —The plurality system in the United States and Britain favors the emergence of two nationally based large parties and penalized smaller parties—This is increasingly not the case in India —The INC certainly used the electoral system to its advantage during its period of dominance, winning clear majorities in...
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